Vita Pythagorica- A Vegetarian Feast

Yes, we’re back at Brown & Green Cafe. We absolutely loved it last time! Great venue, great people, great customers. So, we’re going back for not just one but four events in October. We’re taking over the kitchen on four consecutive Thursdays.  So for two out of four,we are  focusing at Pythagoras, the famous Philosopher. This will be 6th October& 20th October.
Pythagoras of Samos was a leading philosopher and mathematician who lived in the 6th century BC. He might be best-known for the famous theorem named after him but it’s not these squares we’re focusing on in our supper club; It’s his diet. Pythagoras had set up a “school” were his adherents [both male and female bound among them by oath] were following his religious teachings. The “school’s” diet was plant based, and legend has it that forbade all kinds of meat. A core characteristic of Vita Pythagorica, was the sharing of meals among diners; The exact same way we, at The Philosopher’s Stove love to do!

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Come and try our delicious recipes based on Pythagoras teachings! Book your tickets through Brownandgreencafe

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